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'Agasthyar Siddha Health Care' is a very traditional Health Center situated in midst of a calm & beautiful village called Kalluvettankuzhi which is very near to one of the beautiful touristy kovalam beach, kerala.'Doctor's Therapy' is the most uniqueness of this health care.Siddha Varma Therapy & all other herbal treatments are done by two well expert couple doctors from the fourth generation. Here You can experience a mix of traditional treatments along with modern accommodation & amenities. It is a place of harmony & aesthetics that restore a natural balance that helps in a complete relaxation, which is the most important thing in our life.

Agasthyar Siddha Health Care offers you a luxurious & peaceful retreat for our guests looking for the ultimate comfort & relaxation. From the moment you step Foot in our clinic premises, you will be surrounded by lush greenery ,clean air & peaceful ambiance that promotes relaxation & rejuvenation.

We believe 'Food as Medicine'.our Culinary Chef will prepare delicious meals using locally Sourced organic ingredients ensuring that every single bite is not only flavoured but also packed with their essential nutrients.Inaddition to nourishing your body through wholesome meals, we provide a small beautiful & calm meditation room where you can sit peacefully to do meditation.There will be an open Space for doing Yoga for those who are interested. A Beautiful garden is awaiting you to unwind & recharge from day- to-day's hustle & bustle.

Ayurveda & Nature Cure Center


Ayurveda treatment

Agasthyar Siddha Health Care offers authentic & traditional Siddha treatments
(especially Siddha Varma Therapy & other herbal treatments)

Doctor's Therapy is the uniqueness of Agasthyar Siddha Health Care.Therapy & all other herbal treatments are done by 2 well expert doctors Dr.Sebastian Lazar & Dr.Chinju Sebastian. To ensure the best results,the medicines used at Agasthyar Siddha are prepared by them.

Agasthyar Siddha Health Care is internationally renowned for their effort makes towards the mental, physical, emotional & spiritual wellbeing of mankind.Here people from different nations & cultures come together to share the prestige of an ancient wisdom.Siddha, yoga & meditation altogether ensures a harmonious balance between your body, mind & soul .


Long centuries before our ancient Siddhars taught us how to maintain our health in a simple & proper way.when we follow this preventive methods, used by our great Siddhars , we can easily maintain a good health & can lead a peaceful life.

The word "Siddha" has its origin from the Tamil word "Siddhi", which means "Spiritual perfection". Siddha system mainly flourished in Southern part of India. It is orginated from Dravidian culture.' Lord Shiva' who laid the foundation stone for this ancient traditional system considered to be the First Siddhar. From Lord Siva, this traditional knowledge passes to Sage Agasthyar. Then Sage Agasthyar & his disciples used this holistic knowledge for the wellbeing of humanity. "Sage Agasthyar" is considered to be the Father of Siddha System of Medicine. One among the main contribution of Sage Agasthyar is Siddha Varma Therapy.

'Siddha Varma Therapy' is the branch of Siddha system Which involves special kind of therapy on vital points called 'Varma points',which is present inside our body. Varma Science is orginated from the Dravidian Culture developed & used by our great Siddhars as a 'Healing Science'. "Varma" means 'Life centres' or 'Prana points'. These are extremely sensitive vital points in our body.These are Prana Vayus i.e. The vital energy which is transmitted to various parts of the body. Varma points are vital points formed by the union of bones,muscles, any one of the tendons , nerves or blood vessels. When these vital points are affected from any external force, it will leads to derangement of 3 doshas. It Will also affects Udal Thathus i.e.Seven physical Constituents.There are 108 Varma points in our Body.It is used to stimulate energy, heals diseases & boosts our immune mechanism.

Ayurveda treatment
Ayurveda treatment

Why Varma Therapy is important?

Varma Therapy is a very powerful process & it works at many levels,(physically, mentally,emotionally & Spiritualy).It can create dramatic shifts in the body. It will balance three doshas.There will be significant improvements in organ function especially immunity, digestive , respiratory ,neural & Psychological. Varma Therapy is a special type of therapy or massage on the varma points, which helps to increase circulation, clears the Stagnation, energize your chakras & Channels, improves joint flexibility and thus it helps to cure your problems. Through Varma Therapy we can cure almost 90 percentage of diseases. you will get relief from chronic or acute pain due to Joint problems, back pain , cervical problems ,sports related problems like sprain, spasms,dislocations etc... It will helps to get a healthier skin & a radiant appearance. In short , detoxification at all levels. To restore our body & mind balance, Varma Therapy plays a major role in our life.

SIDDHA & AYURVEDA both are Indian traditional Systems of medicines. Siddha system exists around 12000 years ago & the most oldest one.Siddha system is a Tamil system of medicine.It is considered to be the crown of Traditional Arts.It describes everything we wants in our life.It is a Complete Life Science. Main focus of both Siddha & Ayurvedic practitioners are the same i.e. the wellbeing of humanity.

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The diagnosis was perfect and the treatments brought lot of relief!!! Planning to go for more treatments in the future!


This clinic cares about you and treats you like family! Keep doing amazing work as it is rare to find doctors who care about you beyond and above being a patient!!
-Aneez Manji