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The siddha system is a distinct science comprising of Vatham, Vaidhyam, Yogam and Njanam

Vatham means alchemical process that deals with conversion of quality form, inferior one to the superior one.
Vaidhyam mean curative process with various herbs, metals and animals products.
Yogam deals with the path for salvation or the transcendental motivation of the soul.
Njanam deals with philosophical as well as spiritual concepts.

Siddha system has two major concepts regarding its vaidhyam aspect.

Panchabootha Theory (5 element theory)
Thridhosha Theory(3 humoural Theory)

Three humoural theory includes Vatha, pitha and kalpa. Humour means any of the basic principles or essential factors related to our life that determines a person's mental and physical qualities.

Method of Diagnosis in siddha
Naadi Three humours (Pulse)
Sparisam Touch
Naa Tongue
Niram colour
Mozhi Speech
Vizhi Sight
Malam Bowel
Moothiram Urine