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In Siddha & Ayurveda, vatha, pitha, kapha are the three vital forces controlling entire body functions. If vatha aggravated and when it joins with weak digestive fire (Agni), toxins will accumulate and causes Arthritis.

Arthritis is a form of joint related disorder. It involves inflammation in one or more joints of the body. The most common popular arthritis are..

  1. Osteoarthritis (Azhal keel vayu)
  2. Rheumatic arthritis (Vali keel vayu)
  3. Rheumatoid arthritis (Vali azhal keel vayu)
  4. Cervical spondylosis (Sahana vatham)
  5. Periarthritis (Kumba vatham)
  6. Lumbar spondylosis (Thandaga-vatham)



When vatha derranged and when it joins with weak digestive fire (Agni), there occurs invasion and localisation of vayu in the joints of the body there by producing pain, swelling and disturbed movements.

In this condition, swelling in the joints increased day by day. Due to increased Agni, the fluid gets dried up, causing crepitus. Some times Stiffness also present.

Treatment Method

  • normalizing derranged vatha usinginternal medicines.
  • Marma therapy with special herbal oils.
  • Application of different types of herbal kizhi.



The main reason for the neck arthritis is aggravated vatha. Its causes may different from each person due to several reasons like age, job related problems, heavy exercises to neck, incorrect sleep postures etc…

In this condition there will be pain in the neck expecially in the cervical area, radiating pain in the upper extremities, giddiness (due to compression of vertebral arteries)

Treatment Method

  • detoxification with internal medicines.
  • normalizing derranged vatha.
  • Marma therapy and various special treatments.
  • Light exercises.


It is a condition in which the shoulder joint movements are restricted in every directions and there will be difficulty in upper limb movements.

Treatment Method

  • Detoxification with internal medicines.
  • normalise derranged vatha.
  • Special Marma therapy & various medicinal applications.
  • Light exercises.


In this condition, there will occur pain & discomfort which starts from lumbo sacral vertebra up to the head. Due to the involvement of nerves & bones, there will be pain and inability to walk. There will be altered bowel and bladder functions.

The most common causes are,

  1. Strain
    • strained muscles
    • strained ligaments
    • muscle spasms
  2. structural problems
    • Ruptured disc
    • bulging disc
    • sciatica
    • arthritis
    • abnormal curvature of spine
    • osteoporosis
  3. sleep disorders
  4. bad mattress
  5. other Infections

Treatment Method

  • detoxification with internal medicines.
  • normalise derranged vatha.
  • Special Marma therapy & various medicinal applications.

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