‘DIET’ plays a very vital role in preserving the human body.

Diet in siddha and ayurvedaThe siddha system is one of the oldest natural medical system in the world. Sage Agasthyar is said to be the father of siddha system.  Siddha system does not consider preventive and curative aspects separately, but as one; for every possible attempt has been made to prevent rather than to cure the diseases.
“wealthy life is that which is free from disease “. The human body is not only to enjoy the pleasures of the world but also to attain the salvation through various means and hence maintaining the body with good health and strength is a must.

According to the siddhars, ‘DIET’ plays a very vital role in preserving the human body.

We should always consume food only after the digestion of previously consumed food and only after the stools and urine are excreted. If we do so, no medicine is required. We should avoid food during excess appetite, anger or grief, but we can take soft liquid and semi solid foods. We should keep an interval of seven and half hours for each food intake,i.e three times a day (i.e at morning one and half hour after sun rise, at noon and at night one and half hours after sun set.

Due to daily actions, the digestive organs are restless. The nutrients are regularly absorbed by the seven physical constituents, so there is a chance for indigestion. In order to give rest to the digestive organs and to stimulate the physical constituents, we should fast at least once in a month. (If you are a diseased person, you should consult your doctor and take his advice.) If we fast once in a month, the impurities stagnant in the body will removed.
We should not take the food full stomach. We should take solid food half of the stomach, liquid food quarter of the stomach and a quarter of the stomach should be left empty. Doing so the digestive fire and gas can digest the consumed food properly.

We should always eat warm food. Before eating we should first sip a little water to wet the throat. Once you start consuming food, eat peacefully. You should not drink while eating because the gastric fire will decrease and indigestion will occur. After talking food, a short walk is must.
We should consume less food, in order to maintain the body healthy. But very small quantity of food will not give adequate strength to the body. Some times it may even affect the body growth. If we take food in excess quantity, the normal digestive fire will reduce and causes indigestion. We should take sufficient quantity of warm water also.
If we consume untimely food or if we consume food frequently, it will leads to indigestion. Life span will decrease, if we consumed food late in the night.

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